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Hello again, and welcome to Tuesday’s Open Forum. Feel free to call me Tim, I’ll be your host for the day.


All the time we’re wearing different hats, masks, or faces even when we might not be considering it. Taking it a step further, think about how many versions of ‘you’ there are wandering around. Your actions and words represent something different to each person you encounter.

At times, you might have some control over some of it. I’m pretty good at putting on my “I’m totally working the hardest here” face when we have meetings— but at the same time, I’m also creating a front for my actual self: the one who has the projector set on a delayed snap of my screen and is actually perusing gawker or tumblr. It’s not quite the same thing, but it’s almost two sides to the same coin in a manner of speaking.

There’s also times when people misinterpret the face you are putting on, and that can cause all kinds of problems. Whether they catch you doing something out of context or just plain don’t know you well enough to think of you better. Bringing me to today’s topic:

Tell us about some of the faces you put on regularly and how you think they are interpreted. And/or, if you’d like, tell us of a time when putting on a face went wrong!


You are, of course, more than welcome to ignore the topic and chat about what you’d like. It’s an open forum! Make yourself cozy.

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