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Hello, hello! Welcome to another rousing Tuesday Open Forum. I’ll be your host for the day, Tim, and if you’re new here let me be the first to extend my warmest welcome!

(Worth mentioning since there can still be some confusion: daily forums go up at 10 AM EST each week and last throughout the day until usually the graveyard shift)

Lots to talk about today in just a relatively small amount of space! We’ve got a new Hearthstone expansion launching soon (which I’m dying to get my hands on because I’m a sucker for anything Blizzard-related), a couple of indie game launches, and a whole lot of TV / anime premieres. Can we get some more hours in the day? I struggle already with the 19 I’m usually awake for!


Luckily, I’m also off and away this weekend for a quiet, long weekend in the mountains. Taking a couple of my friends and wandering around with no phone reception and doing... outdoors-y things. Which is totally the opposite of what I normally do with extra free time!


Bringing me to today’s topic: What’s something out of the ordinary that you do to unwind? Something that you don’t do tooooo frequently— maybe tell us about a nice vacation or a hobby that you like to do sporadically— and it can totally be something you’ve only done once or twice.

While I do a good amount of gifs and whatnot, I’d still call it somewhat ‘rare’ that I actually take the personal time out to draw (see: my procrastination on the TAY progress report). I also enjoy baking a lot, but I don’t really get the chance to these days.


Of course, feel free to ignore the topic and chat about whatever you’d like! It’s an Open Forum! Come on in, put your feet up!