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Last night, when I wrote today’s Forum, I decided to give my Forum a bit of a redesign, taking cues from some my fellow Forum Authors. I like consistency I guess, and my header was in need of a big update anyway since our IRC channel is dead and no longer needs to be linked. So, fellow Forum authors, please link to our new and lively Discord chatroom instead!


Anyway, the real reason I brought this up is for today’s topic! Redesigns! It’s been asked a bunch already, but what do you think of the most recent Kinja redesign now that you’ve had some time with it? What’s a website, video game menu, piece of software, piece of technology etc. that really needs a redesign that you think should get one? What would you change? And as always, if you don’t like this topic, you can Talk Amongst Yourselves about whatever you like! And, no, the header image has nothing to do with today’s topic.

Don’t forget to stop by our Discord Chatroom if you want to have more a more rapid-fire conversation with fellow TAYers! And, if you want to talk to an Admin or Author about something and don’t know how to reach them, you can look them up in our DirecTAYry.

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