I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hey gang! Looks like the weekend has come and gone in a flash! Let’s get this MonTAY started!


One of my friends from Texas decided it’d be a good idea to visit SoCal along with his family so I thought it’d be cool to go see em. On Saturday, we spent a lot of time on the road going from brewery to brewery all over San Diego. It was awesome but also tiring. We visited Ballast Point, Modern Times, Coronado Brewing, and Lost Abbey Ales. So much beer so little time! Didn’t even get to Stone Brewing. Maybe on the next round.

On the way to Lost Abbey my friend and I got a little lost and had to cut through some twisty mountain roads. There are no street lights out there so it got a little hairy. Fortunately Driveclub and Gran Turismo have shown me a thing or two about dealing with curves and we made it out alive but we’ll never be the same...

What’s the most dangerous drive you’ve ever been on? If you’re not a fan of transportation feel free to talk about whatever you like!


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