I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Although I originally shared this story over on Datacide’s TAY! Weekend!!! post, it’s still been sitting there, at the edge of my thoughts. Calling me names. Throwing stuff at me.


I’ve been having issues with purchasing on PSN. I’m not sure why. I bought PS+ and Madden NFL 16 back in August, no problem.

I had loaded up my cart in the web browser, but when I click Checkout, I get a little message “Can’t be completed at this time. Try again later.” Okay... I wait. A few hours even. Try again. Nope. I try on the PlayStation iOS App, but I get the same error message. Frustrating.

So I open up the Live Chat for PSN Support, they take my info and say “try on your PS4, then contact us if it doesn’t work”. Never mind the fact that the service isn’t working on two our their platforms, but whatever. I try it on the PS4. Only this time it’s telling me my credit card info is invalid. What? Nothing changed.

Live Chat round 2. This one tells me that my bank must have changed my address and the AVS no longer works. I didn’t mention that I actually work at my bank in the technology division, and I’m fairly certain nothing changed regarding customer addresses, but oh well. They say “try buying PSN cards or using PayPal.


So I wait a whole day. A WHOLE DAY. Credit card still not working. I set up a PayPal link, and I get the same “credit card failure”. Huh? I’m using PayPal this time!! Live Chat round 3 (because I couldn’t find a goddamn number to call), and they accept that there’s clearly an issue on their end (after using 2 credit cards, PayPal, and multiple services, I would hope it’s not me) but I’ll have to wait for it to be resolved, and I can use PSN cards in the meantime.

*sigh* I haven’t checked since the weekend (I bought the physical game), but my hopes aren’t high.


So let’s here it: Tech Support Horror Stories!

If you don’t want to talk about this, then feel free to talk amongst yourselves!

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