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Good Morning TAYters! How was your weekend?

Mine was spent playing the first two episodes of Life is Strange. The finale was just released and I figured its time to finally get around to playing this game. Some of my friends have been talking it up quite a bit and I actually liked what the demo showed me. I’m definitely going to treasure this experience.


My biggest gripe about the game is the egregious use of ‘Hella’. As someone from NorCal, I can tell you we use this word indiscriminately so its obvious to us when others use this word. It just sounds off. Say hella all you want! Just know that, like other words, its got to have proper context.

I suppose today’s topic will be games (or other media) that you weren’t expecting but became an essential part of your life. Did you go and scream its praises in the streets? Did your friends and family get sick of you talking about it?


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