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Hay TAY! Here I am recovering from a long weekend of games games games!

The 2nd annual PSX was over the weekend and while I’d want to go over anything and everything I’ll just highlight my experience with PSVR. This was my first time trying any sort of VR headset. I tried Driveclub which was just ok in my opinion. Playing VR with the regular controller isn’t as immersive as playing with the Move controls. That’s where things get interesting.


The 2nd VR game I was able to get my hands on was Loading Human from Maximum Games. Never heard of this title before but the line was relatively short and I gave it a shot. Suffice to say I was impressed with being able to handle things and put out fires in 3D space. Since its still in early development some of the textures weren’t final but I was able to overlook this since the gameplay was intriguing.

Before I hand this over to you, dear readers, I’d like to thank division-ten and Kcet for stopping by and chatting. TAY West meetups have increased to a whole 3 people! I also wanna go give a shout out to Morie on tying the knot over the weekend. Congratulations!

Well then, what was your favorite announcement from PSX? If you’re feeling more antagonistic, what was something you didn’t like or were let down by?


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