I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Haaaaappy Friday everyone! I’m covering the Open Forum for today, so please pardon any errors or awkwardness. And yes, I stole Tim’s OF opening paragraph without asking. Your royalty check will be in the mail, buddy.


On Tuesday this week, I was summoned for jury duty. Jury deliberations are done in private and jurors have a choice to never talk about it afterwards. It’s stressful to work on a case for years and years, only to leave it to a group of people who on average have an 8th grade reading level. For lawyers, juries are this mystical, secretive force of power in the legal system, deciding all your cases with impenetrable privacy (and questionable accuracy).

So I was SUPER EXCITED about jury duty. Maybe I too could be on a jury!! I’d get to watch the trial and hear everyone else’s opinions on it! Be a part of the process and see it first hand! Unfortunately I didn’t get picked - which I kinda knew would happen, because I know the judge and people who know any of the lawyers, bailiffs, parties, etc. in the courtroom generally don’t get chosen for juries, to avoid any bias. But I did get to sit through the selection process, and that was fun.


When I told my sister I was excited about jury duty, she laughed at me. I didn’t let that dampen my eagerness, because, you know, she just didn’t see it the way I did. But it also reminded me of Thanksgiving, when my mother, my sister and I were huddled around the sink preparing the turkey brine. As we pulled the bag of turkey guts out of the bird, my sister - who is a resident at a hospital in D.C. - got all excited about them. She dumped out the turkey organs onto a plate and started started gleefully naming each of them... the heart, each of the veins and arteries leading out of it, the liver, the stomach, and so on. I probably looked at her like she was crazy. And sure enough, she snapchatted most of it to her boyfriend, who is also a resident, mumbling that he’d understand how cool it was.

The topic of today is, what weird or mundane stuff do you get excited about that other people just don’t seem to get, for whatever reason? And what is it that you like so much about it? Do you try to explain your interest to others or keep your enthusiasm directed at people who will get it?


Other potential topics:

  • I’ve been playing Fallout Shelter lately and they just announced that you can now add pets to your vault. I’m excited for Dogmeat, but I better be able to get Rex from FNV! Robodog!
  • Speaking of dogs: @dog_rates.
  • I used to read C.A. Pinkham’s “Behind Closed Ovens” series on Kitchenette every Monday. After that big round of Gawker firings a few weeks ago, it’s moved over to Wonkette and renamed “Off the Menu.” What’s the worst restaurant story you’ve got, TAY? (And then consider sending it in to him maybe?)
  • Speaking of firings, Yannick LeJaq got the axe from Kotaku last night according to his Twitter. Bizarre considering he was basically all of Kotaku’s MOBA and eSports coverage. What the fuck is going on lately, Gawker Media?
  • Whatever else is on your mind!

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