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O come all ye TAY faithful! We’re gettin into the holiday spirit around here!

I’ve only just begun my Xmas shopping. I tend to lag on this stuff cause gift giving isn’t something I’m particularly good at. If I find something when im browsing a store or browsing online and I feel a person will like said item, then I will get that for them. My sisters on the other hand want detailed lists of stuff and I’m just like ‘Y u do dis?’ ‘sstr pls’. Knowing what you get ahead of time takes the fun out of gift giving. It may as well be signed From Me to Me. I can do that any day of the year!


This week I have a secret santa with some friends and I have no idea what to get the person assigned. I know that they’re super into 90s stuff and always reference it. Maybe a VCR would be a good gift? Or a gameboy pocket? I’ll have to figure this out by tomorrow...

Are you any good at giving gifts or are you a Bad Santa?


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