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Hey TAY! It’s my first Open Forum of 2016! It’s a year for new and strange experiences filled with strange people and strange noodles!


I may have finally seen the light my droogs! A good friend of mine got a new PC recently and I had the chance to mess with it over the weekend. Dayum, son. I was not expecting things to look that much better and I was actually impressed by how well it ran GTA V. It had some hiccups and the map wasn’t loading immediately but the frame rate kept up regardless and it was so smooth. Rockstar deserves all the credit for being able to take that engine from PS3 to PS4 and ultimately to PC. Maybe I’m just excited to see what their future holds. Red Dead sequel please!

When was the last time you were greatly impressed by a piece of media? It can be a game, book, movie, music or other forms of art.


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