I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hello there TAYters! Let’s start this week slow slow slow...

Been playing a lot of stuff lately. Dabbling if you will. Played some Roundabout. Its the perfect mix of dumb humor and challenging gameplay that I really like. That Giorgio Manos is the kind of silent protagonist that I can really gravitate toward. I’ve been meaning to play it more so maybe this week.


Over the weekend I started Rainbow Six: Siege. It’s reminiscent of the classic games but its one of those where you absolutely need friends to play with. Being online only is a turnoff for some and I feel it would benefit from a campaign. Its far from a typical shooter. Very tactical. Very satisfying.

I still have faith in the Rockband series and been playing a bit more now that the Rockband 1 export was made available to legacy players. Such a good soundtrack on that disc. Now my only issue with Rockband 4 is the timing. I feel like I’m learning to play it every time I fire it up. I fear my reflexes are slowing down. There still another year of my 20s left! I can’t be degrading now!

Well then I suppose my topic is have you ever gone back to a game and felt like you’re not as good as you used to be? Did you have to leave it behind for something more... casual?


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