I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY: Open Forum

When your enzyme modelling program won’t just work. Despite you downloading exactly as stated in the instructions.

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Hello there! Welcome to Tuesday’s Open Forum! My name is Nomadic Dec, your impostor host. I wrested control from Tim in what was an epic battle akin to the spectacle of Shichika and Sabi Hakuhei’s battle in Episode 4 of Katanagatari. If only you’d seen it.

How is everyone this Tuesday? Now that the onerous task of Monday is complete, have you settled into the weekly groove? Or are you driven to distraction? I can’t believe February’s coming to a close already. Makes me think about what has yet to be done. And I still haven’t played Fire Emblem. Not Fates. Awakening.


So with the passage of time seemingly too quick for absolutely everything to be done, I ask: what would bring you a level of contentment in life? And failing that, what makes or would make you happy right now? And if you are happy and satisfied, why?

Right now, finding a balance between studies and writing, and just generally not feeling so rushed, would make me happy. Also, being able to finally go out and buy Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon would be good. I’ll take either honestly. ;)

As always, if you find yourself in the mood for talking about other things, go right ahead. This is your Open Forum. Make of it what you will.

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