I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hello friends, I’m taking over for poor Tim (Unimplied) today. Apparently his boss is making him do major crunch time since yesterday. Boooooo to Tim’s boss.


I was going to go with a Pokemon-related topic today, but let’s be real, we’re probably getting a bit exhausted with that topic at this point. And the people who don’t care about Pokemon have got to be even more tired of it all. So how about something “closer” to us all: location, location, location!

I live in Florida, and after a big storm last weekend, we’ve had typical perfect Florida weather, where the air is cool but the sunshine keeps you pleasantly warm outside the shade. It’ll say it’s 65 degrees outside, but people walk around in shorts, skirts and sandals as if it’s nothing, maybe with only a light jacket. And from my office window, I can see boats on the Caloosahatchee River (which forms the northern border of Fort Myers) and hotels and mansions along the water.

We’ve also got perfect fresh seafood, lots of restaurant options for the tourists and old folk, cheap theme park tickets, and politicians so corrupt that absolving yourself of responsibility is just a blame away. And where else would the world gets its supply of crazy true stories involving alligators were it not for Florida?? As batshit crazy as Florida can be sometimes, it’s a beautiful place to live. It’s my home state and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Y’all can keep your “snow”!

Although, by all means, if Florida’s electoral votes end up putting Trump into office, feel free to nuke the entire thing. Yes, all of it, the whole state. I’ll take one for the team. Please remember me fondly.


Our topic for today is, where do you live? Why is it awesome? Or conversely, why does it suck? What’s it known for? Where else have you lived in the past, and how does it compare to your home now? What’s a crazy but true news story from your location most likely to involve? Or just talk amongst yourselves!

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