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Hello again, and welcome to another rousing Tuesday Open Forum. I’m your host, Tim.


Big game week for a couple of people. Two big titles (among others) coming out: Dark Souls III comes out today and Bravely Second on Friday.

Let’s chat about things we’ve revisited in life. I couldn’t stand the gameplay of the first Souls game, but playing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate made me appreciate the combat style. I skipped Dark Souls 2, but like what I’ve played of Bloodborne so far, and from what I hear, the third installment has learned from that, so I think I’m going to pick it up.

Similarly, when I picked up Fallout 3, I didn’t get it at all. But I paid for it, my friends raved about it, and when I gave it another good shot, I ended up loving the heck out of it.


But it’s not just games. My tastes have changed over the years. Used to hate spending time outside (ok, I’d still rather do pretty much anything than physical activity), but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to appreciate the time spent getting places and doing things— especially with others.

Bringing me to today’s topic: Tell us about something you’ve had a change in heart about!


Of course, feel free to ignore the topic and talk about whatever you’d like. It’s an Open Forum! Come on in and relax!

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