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Good day TAY! Another Monday which means time to grind.

Speaking of grind, you know what grinds my gears? Automobiles! I’ve recently come upon some car trouble and I’m no expert. On top of that money has been tight so taking it to a professional isn’t an option for me.


I rounded up some friends who have some experience with auto repairs. They had done this sort of job before. ‘No problem’ they said. Well there were plenty of problems. We spent more than enough time in a car parts store. I feel so inadequate in a place like that. Second of all, once we had the ball rolling we hit our biggest impasse. Long story short we couldn’t figure out how to take a crucial component off.

After 6 hours we pack it up and call it a day. I get home and one of the guys lets me know that we looked over an important step that could have saved us time and effort. Le sigh. I’ll have to wait til later this week and see if our second attempt is more successful than the first.

Has there been a time where you were desperately trying to solve a problem only to be taunted with a simple solution?


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