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Konichiwa Tay-San! Its a brighter summer day! Notice me!

Things have been going pretty slow in Twiz world. You know how it goes. Routines and what not. In trying to break said routine some friends and I gathered round the ol television and watched a foreign film. Which foreign film you ask?


Tokyo Tribe directed by the infamous Sion Sono. I’m only vaguely familiar with some of his past work like Suicide Club but suffice to say this movie was as weird as it gets. Describing it as a ‘Rap-Battle musical’ is almost a disservice. Its so much more than some tag line. I could go on but really if you haven’t watched and are in the mood for something out of the ordinary this movie might be just the ticket. My only advice is to go in as blind as possible.

What’s the weirdest movie/game/whatever you’ve experienced? Were you afraid to share it with people or did you spread the gospel of this oddity?


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