I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

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Another Tuesday, another Tim. Hello and welcome again to our Open Forum, right here on TAY.


Enjoying the plethora of CONTENT we’ve had lately? I sure am. I’m playing a few rounds of Overwatch at least once a day, gradually working my way through the finale of Fire Emblem: Fates, and just started my dwarven conquest in Total Warhammer. This is also not to mention my crippling Hearthstone addiction, too.

Let’s take it easy today and take a step back to slow down. In our busy lives, sometimes we forget to take the important minute and breathe. Today’s topic: How are you doing?

Take it slow. We all go through hardships and it’s easy to forget that the world doesn’t revolve around your feelings. There are other people. But at the same time: you are important, valued, and appreciated by somebody. At the very least, if you are reading this, you are important to me.

Of course, feel free to ignore the topic and talk about what you’d like! It’s an Open Forum! Take a minute and relax!

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