I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Welcome to another Tuesday Open Forum. I’m your host, Tim. Hi there!

How are we all doing this fine morning? Still working your way through Monster Hunter? Getting hyped for the pre-Legion patch? Ready to explore the galaxy in No Man’s Sky? I have been doing all of these things. I actually picked up the game on Friday (because NYC private retailers have no shame) and was playing around with it... until they said they’d be wiping everything anyway. Oh well, didn’t invest too much time into it.


My initial impressions were that the shooting, inventory, and gathering were... very bad, especially given the interface, but the exploration was solid and the game is very, very pretty. However, most of this sounds to be fixed with the day one patch so I still have some hopes.

Anyway, moving on to today’s topic: tell us about a “secret place” that you consider special to you! It can be a place in a game that nobody knows about, a lesser-known local restaurant that’s the bomb, or however you decide to define it.

Of course, feel free to ignore the topic and chat about whatever you’d like: it’s an Open Forum! Come in, put your feet up, and relax a bit.

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