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Yesterday was pretty eventful in terms of tech. If you hadn’t heard (though at this point I’m not sure how you wouldn’t have), Apple announced it’s new iPhone 7 and Sony pulled back the curtain on the PlayStation 4 Pro.


My old iPhone 5c is starting to show it’s age, so I’d been hotly anticipating the new iPhone and all the new features (including “old” features that I missed on the iPhone 5s, 6, and 6s). Definitely going to grab myself the iPhone 7 Plus.

As for the PlayStation 4 Pro... Well, that one has got me in a bit of a sour mood. There is nothing wrong with my PlayStation 4, and one of the advantages to console gaming over PC gaming is that you get to buy a piece of hardware and everyone is on the same level of game quality for 5-7 years until the next generation. Now that they’ve introduced a minor upgrade, games will be designed to take advantage of the newer specs. Although the two markets won’t be separated in online play, higher graphical fidelity could likely prove as an advantage in highly competitive games, like those in the FPS genre. I feel frustrated by this.

So my questions are: Did either of these announcements get you excited? Did you throw your wallet at the screen yet, in hopes of getting the hottest new tech? If these didn’t get you excited, what was the most recent tech announcement that did?

If you don’t want to talk about about this, then feel free to talk amongst yourselves!

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