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Hey there easy riders! Let’s get this show on the road!

This past week was the return of the NFL season. For myself and many others its a deluge of excitement after a 9 month drought. It’s not always exciting though as I’m a fan of the Oakland Raiders and I’m used to losing 24/7. At least we ain’t dem cheatin Patriots!


While watching some pig skin and CTE injuries in progress I started thinking about sports games of days past. Back in the GameCube days I’d tear it up in Madden 2001. It’s one of the more fun variations of the series with a great soundtrack. I was also a fan of Super Mario Strikers on the Wii. I put in so many hours into that. I’d really like another one of those someday...

So what are some of your favorite sports titles? Is it a hardcore sports title or maybe you prefer something more casual?


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