I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Greetings fellow TAYers! Let’s get this Monday morning started. An open forum approaches!

This past Saturday I was invited by some friends to California’s Great America. I wasn’t particularly interested in going to this aging theme park with a lack of licensed rides but I did it for them as it had been about a year since I’ve seen these people.

We get there and the place is a ghost town. Not just because they have Halloween decorations but it was totally empty which is atypical of such venues. So first things first we get on Top Gun Flight Deck which is their standout coaster. This thing was pretty sweet since it was way faster than I remembered. Quick, painless, and very exciting. Another coaster I boarded was The Demon which was also quick but very cramped and that’s saying something since I don’t weigh much. Their wooden coaster, Grizzly, was nice as its a standard old skool death trap. Overall I had a much better time than what was expected. Maybe I shouldn’t be such a curmudgeon when it comes to ‘fun’.

When was the last time you were taken for a ride?


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