I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY: Open Forum

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We seem to have had some technical issues around these parts today so our Open Forum is a little late (just a tad). So I’ve been asked to fill in for today (which marks my first attempt at one of these...) which is cool as today is a rare event where there are two games releasing that I really want.


The first is obviously the chibitastic World of Final Fantasy while the second is the sequel to a surprise favorite of mine Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 a fighting game for people like me who don’t much like fighting games but just happen to like Dragon Ball. Sadly for our wallets this isn’t even the end but the beginning as a deluge of great games is on the horizon which does not end until well into the new year.

So my question is a simple one. Which Games are you most looking forward to in the future. Now if you don’t want to talk about that feel free to Talk Amongst Yourselves.

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