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Ayy TAY! Another Monday begets another Open Forum. Let’s go!

As of late my leisure time has subsided significantly so gaming is on a downtrend. What little time I have is used to get a round of Battlefield 1 in or play a few songs in Rockband 4. I keep hearing good things about the Titanfall 2 and Call of Duty campaigns but I may not get around to them for a while. Makes me question whether I should get Watch Dogs 2. Not sure an open world game is something I can really sink my teeth into at the moment.


Of the limited free time I had this weekend I gave a couple hours to the new Ghostbusters movie. Yeah people were shitting on it before it was even filmed but after watching the extended edition on bluray I felt it was a decent movie and better than a few other movies I’d seen over the summer. The effects were good and watching New York torn apart never gets old.

What kinds of games or other entertainement do you partake in when your time is limited?


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