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Good morrow my fellow TAYers. It’s nice to see you again. Let’s get to it!

I’m not much of a Nintendo fan these days. Didn’t care for the wiiU and I’m not at all impressed by the Switch. That being said Nintendo clearly knows its audience and are selling us on nostalgia by releasing the NES Classic. I grew up with the NES so to get to play these games again would be really swell!


Friday comes around and as we’ve all come to expect Nintendo only releases a limited amount of the coveted console. The gamestop I went to only had one. ONE. I was fifth in line. Had Ninty released more product I would have been able to deliver this retro gift to my sister’s babyshower. Instead the only present was my presence.

Did you go hunt one of these micro machines? Have you ever stood in line for an item only to be turned away?


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