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Brr! It’s cold in here! Let’s get an Open Forum in the atmosphere!

Winter is coming but don’t lose your heads! We’ll get through it with gaemz and warm threads. Have some coffee, a cocoa, or perhaps some egg nog. Any one of those items will help through the fog. A Silent Hill atmosphere is spooky n stuff. I’m still salty P.T. won’t be happening. Tough!


Many of you are contemplating the best from this year. I prefer to do this while having a beer! Leave a breadcrumb trail so you don’t get lost in the woods. Find yourself some good team mates to deliver the goods. My fantasy football team has met its demise. Screw the Patriots them some bad guys but the AFC west and the Raiders shall rise!

I’m sure that by now you’re sick of these rhymes. This wasn’t at all planned I promise you guys! Its one of the few times I have creative bouts and as anyone knows with creation comes doubt.

Accept this gift as though it were made by elves. Do me a solid and


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