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Moving sucks.... But, I’m almost done! The cat and the internet move this weekend, and they’re the final major things left to get into the house. We still have a few things left in our apartment, but we’ve got some work left there (we have to fill holes and paint over the patches before we hand the keys back).


The worst part about the move however, was the day I rented the cube van. This big monstrosity of a truck/van, that I feel people should have a unique license or certification to drive!

I was feeling nervous driving something that big with no experience, let alone driving along Canada’s busiest/widest highway with it. Things were going well, I was moving along at a comfortable pace... but as we filled it with things the weather began to change. FREEZING RAIN! There was a coat of ice on EVERYTHING! I drove from the apartment to the house at like 10 mph, terrible vision, accidents everywhere. We made it (*phew*) and unloaded, but when it came time to return the truck, I couldn’t even open the door because of all the ice on it! Luckily I called them up, explained the issue, and they let me return it late after some of the ice had melted.

That day took like 5 years off my life.

My questions are: What is your worst moving experience? What’s your preferred method of moving (all one day? spread out over a month? hiring movers? bothering friends?)


If you don’t want to talk about this, then feel free to talk amongst yourselves!

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