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Happy Hump Day Tayers!

This is Drea-Poetic covering for Zarnyx to bring you todays open forum. I’m new to this whole thing so please be gentle :p


This weekend, as some of you may have read, I was riding the hype train all the way to the Final Fantasy 14 (FF14) Stormblood station. I joined the game about 2 years ago at the release of Heavensward and I have been a willing subscriber ever since. I started playing the game at a time when I yearned for the Final Fantasies of yore and this game sated that desire for me.

We got some news on a lot of things to come which had me excited but as I headed on over to r/ffxiv nothing but salt galore was spewing. People were pissed that both of the jobs were for one group in the MMO trinity of DPS, Tank and Healer. This was different from the last expansion where we got three jobs instead of two. The development team has been transparent about all of its decision making since FF14 was re-birthed so it’s not like the community doesn’t know why it happened.

After talking to some others who play the game and ranting a few times in that forum I wanted to propose a few questions to you guys:

  • When it comes to games do you think that the community should dictate what developers do/make even if those wants may be bad for the final product?
  • What do you say to people who may not know what they are talking about when they criticize a game for not following their desires? Do you say anything at all?
  • Where is the line that should be drawn when doing what’s best for the game/product you’re making and the desires of fans?
  • Have you played an MMORPG and what was your experience with that especially come expansion time?

You don’t have to limit your answers to the MMORPG genre when thinking about these questions.

If any of these questions don’t appeal to you to answer you can always Talk Amongst Yourselves.


Have a great day guys, I’ll try to respond as I can because I’ll probably be at work when this posts.

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