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So I’ve still been playing Madden NFL 17 with my brothers and some friends in a connected franchise (where we all have a team in the football league). I don’t know what has happened, but for these last 4 games I’ve played the difficulty has felt like it’s been through the roof.


Speaking of difficulty, I was also finding battles at the beginning of Zelda: BotW to be rather tough too. I met up with far too many baddies that could one-hit kill me. Now I’m doing okay, but I was surprised at how many enemies I had to sneak around so I wouldn’t have to reload from my last checkpoint.

I’m not going to lie. I used to play games on Hard all the time, just for the challenge, but lately I’ve been dropping it down to lower difficulties. I just want the fun and escape, not necessarily the challenge anymore.

When I want a challenge, I’ll start Dark Souls 3 :P

My question is: What do you typically select for your game difficulty right out of the gate? What was one of the toughest games you’ve ever played?


Though, if you don’t want to talk about this, then feel free to talk amongst yourselves!

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