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Hello TAY! It’s your Monday Open Forum! Blink and you’ll miss it!

As spring has arrived so has an influx of major titles across all platforms. Some of you may be breaking weapons in Breath of the Wild while others are picking up pals in Persona 5. It’s a busy spring and one I feel left out of as I’m currently in the middle of winter’s widely overlooked Dishonored 2.


When it was first announced I wanted nothing to do with it. The gameplay trailer seemed overly long and a bit boring but this is one of those games you can’t watch but have to hold in your hands. As mentioned earlier, I’m halfway but 12 hours in. Why? I’m going against the the game’s mystical pitch and playing without powers in full stealth. Thus far I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself with the trial and error aspect of it all. My only quibble is that load times could be better but it hasn’t taken away from the experience and I can’t wait to see it through to the end.

Has there been anything from last year or beyond you’re still catching up on? Don’t get me started about my Netflix queue...


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