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Can’t say no to those eyes, even if they only bring bad memories

Good Morning everyone, your regular Tuesday Open Forum host, Slinker, was not available today so your dose of Skeletor positive affirmations will have to wait for a week. Sorry.


So I was informed that a demo is out for the upcoming switch version of Puyo Puyo Tetris and I am reminded of that time when Puyo Puyo became an obsession between me and my arcade friends for a very short while. This was something that happened very often as Arcades were in every single corner and most of them were multi-game Arcade machines (think MAME emulators in a cabinet) so we were always on the lookout to taste something new, so every time we discovered a weird, bizarre and visually attracting game (and to take breaks from so much King of Fighters going on around us) we would get obsessed with a new game for like a week, and then move on into the next. I greatly suck at Puyo Puyo but I just couldn’t get enough of it, the game has something that really appeals to me, even if I almost always lost in the first or second stage so I’m definitely getting this game….

As for Tetris,I think I can hold my ground in that one, I still play Tetris DS every now and then against my GF, because since I met her she told me she could kick my ass at it like she always did with her brothers, but I took that challenge very seriously and to this day she has never managed to beat me in a FT5 set.One of my friends told me I should let her win every now and then, but she was the one challenging me so even if she’s my GF I should not let her win so easily right? right?

But enough rambling from me

For Today’s SuggestedTopic(s):

  • Do you have a game that you love even to this day, that you picked on a whim at random between lots of different options?
  • Do you have a game that you suck at but can’t stop playing it?
  • If you have a significant other that plays with you, how competitive do you get when playing against them? Do you let them win on purpose at times?

As always feel free to ignore the topics and just talk about anything else!

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