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Good Day mates! Your Open Forum is here! Hop on in!

This past week saw the annual celebration of the Alien series with Alien Day on April 26th. Now I have to confess that I had never seen the original Alien or any of its sequels before so the opportunity came when theaters around the country screened the movie that started it all and it was pretty good! Obviously at this point its aged a bit however its original intention of having nowhere to run is still plenty scary.


After the movie I mentioned how the sequels remained unseen and so I was lent the Alien anthology on bluray and that’s how i spent my weekend watching the sequels Aliens, Alien 3, and Alien: Resurrection. Because I don’t have the nostalgia attached to them I feel like every sequel has diminishing returns. Not sure how this news will affect my friends as they’re big fans but this is coming from someone who actually enjoyed Prometheus so... yeah. Now I just want to play Contra again after seeing how its a blatant ripoff of the series.

Have you been recommended something highly regarded only to be dismayed? Hot takes welcome!


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