I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Good morning TAY! E3 week is behind us so now its back to your regularly scheduled Open Forum!

If you read last week’s OF you know that I was indeed one of the unwashed plebs allowed to attend this prestigious event once held for only the most heralded of nobles. But no longer! By a decree of capitalism kindess, an order has been passed to let us plebs stand in line for hours and rub elbows with the kings and queens of media.


In all honesty I did enjoy myself even if it became somewhat of a line-con and there are some quibbles that may be expanded upon in a separate post. What I enjoyed the most were the events outside the convention like E3 coliseum and Bethesdaland. #BE3 was a very low high key party filled with free booze and free In n Out. They clearly know the way to my heart.

Of course I can’t forget meeting Zarnyx and Nach in person for the first time! Great people and I was humbled to have had such an insightful conversation with them even if our time together was limited.


What are some of your favorite things from E3 that no one seems to be talking about? Now that it’s out the way let’s take a breath and take a break!

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