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Hello fellow TAYers! It’s Monday morning so time for your Open Forum!

Now that the sun in the Northern Hemisphere is out much longer than I’m comfortable with, its time to spend some time outside. This past week I went to a few concerts. What concerts you may ask? Well let’s just say one was utterly forgettable involving stone sour and the other involved TOOL.


In all honesty it has been a long time since I’d bothered listening to TOOL as I am far removed from being a teenager and they haven’t released a new album in over a decade. That being said, they put on a hell of a show! The only drawback I can think of is that it was too short. TOOL out of TOOL would TOOL again.

Are you going to any concerts this summer? If not please share some of your favorite concert memories! Here’s some BABYMETAL who went on before stone sour and frankly should have headlined that show.


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