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Good Morrow my weary travelers. You’ve come across an Open Forum. Dare ye enter?

I’ve come from distant lands to speak of the game foretold by Supergiant. I speak of Pyre and I must say it is most excellent. Pyre first caught my attention at PSX 2016 where some good friends and myself came to the consensus that it was the best game at the show. Now as it is readily available, our prophecy became true!


It had a bit of a peculiar release as it unlocked at 9am Tuesday morning instead of the usual midnight hour but not a problem! I arose from my slumber and immediately began my journey through the Downside. A prison of sorts where the only way out is to play the Rite way. Rites are akin to capture the flag. Take the orb to the opposing team’s base to score points and the first to score 100 wins.

Of course I’m only scratching the surface! There’s so much depth to the characters and gameplay that only a serious review would do it justice. But as this is a forum I wanted to bring some attention to one of the year’s best games. Don’t sleep on it!

Speaking of sleep, what are some of your favorite sleeper hits?


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