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Not my image. Oregon had zero clouds.

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Good day TAY! Let’s get this Forum going. What do you say?

First and foremost I’d like to think our resident reporter on the field, the great nacho himself, Nach for filling in for me last week! Now you may be wondering why I’d ask such a cheesy man to fill in for me and that’s cause I traveled 10 hours north of my location toward the wilder and greener lands of Oregon to catch a glimpse of an eclipse. My friends approached me about this trip some 6 weeks beforehand and I didn’t hesitate to agree.


It would be my first time in Oregon and my first time seeing the moon blot out the sun. We stayed in Portland and was truly impressed with its beauty not only in its natural state but in the generosity and hospitality of the people. On the day of the Eclipse we headed to our designated location outside of Salem and sat there waiting for the spectacle with our designated spectacles.

As the sun and moon cross paths one can’t help but feel awe. Upon nearing totality there are changes in the atmosphere including drop in temperature and the silence of the fauna as they feel night approaching. Then the moment comes. Totality is truly beyond words. Nothing comes close to experiencing it for yourself. Not pictures. Not video. The difference between 99% and totality is truly like night and day. If you ever get the chance, which admittedly is rare, I’d highly recommend it.

What is the rarest sight you’ve set eyes on? If that’s not applicable to you, what’s the rarest achievement/trophy in your time playing vidya?


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