I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Top o the mornin TAY! Its your Monday Open Forum. Let’s crack this egg open!

I’m gonna be honest y’all I didn’t get much done this weekend cause all I’ve done is try and upgrade my character in Destiny 2. Once you hit the 270+ power level its really tough to break into upper levels without going into end game activities like the raid. My team isn’t ready for that just yet so in the meantime I’ll have to continue doing public events and finding exotic engrams to level up.


Of course that’s not the only farming I’m doing as Persona 5 has a nice patch of land to harvest as well. I’m toward the latter half of the game and some days give status ailments to enemies. What does that mean? Well, death is the strongest character you’ll fight in the game so if it succumbs to aforementioned ailments that’s an easy 70K+ experience boost. I’ll be doing that til I reach the level cap. Should make the rest of the game a breeze.

How do you feel about farming? Is it a necessary evil of RPGs or do you wish it would go away? Gimme your best farming stories.


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