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TAY: Open Forum - "2017 - 1/2 Days" Edition

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Hi TAY. Over half of the year is done and over with. Around the corner, the busy time of year for gaming release schedules, usually. My head is spinning looking ahead from now through March of next year. Woof! And I didn’t even get to finish everything I started this year in time for...chaos to begin in September. Such is life but oh well.


So, before the rest of the year brings even more games we want and will move to our GOTY list, let’s talk about the best and worst of 2017 so far.

For Today’s Suggested Topic(s): 

  • GOTY for 2017 so far?
  • Best character in a video game for 2017 thus far?
  • A 2017 game purchase you are regretting (doesn’t have to be a game that came out this year)?
  • Forget that noise, let’s just form Voltron instead. Take this quiz, Paladins!

A few more days until...

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