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Happy Tuesday Everyone!!! Welcome to the TAY: Open Forum where everyone can talk about life, love, and video games!

Let's kick this off with a quick question for you. What things make you rage in video games?


For me, my worst rage probably comes from Fire Emblem. I can't stand when enemies spawn during mid-battle because not only do they spawn, but they can then move AND attack all in the same turn and there's nothing you can do about it. You may have your team perfectly situated to take on the next group of existing enemies, when all of a sudden, new enemies appear at the edges of the map (or from stairs or forts) and kill a character that has no means of defending themselves. Suddenly, 30+ minutes of work is now lost and you have to reset if you want to keep that character.

Also, this is more of a PSA from me to all of you. Activity on TAY has definitely gone down since the new redesign. I get it. Not all of you are happy with the new layout, but I'm also hearing as time goes on that more of you are getting used to the new view. My request for all of you is to just try to stick with it a bit longer. Personally, I actually like the new comments section for the most part. Clicking right (for me) isn't that much worse than just scrolling down the page. Also, it makes it easier for me to process what is actually being said in each comment before I decide to read the whole thing or just move on. This keeps me from skipping posts that I would've have previously ignored.

Also, the commenting tools are MUCH more robust now. I love that we can post multiple videos and images in a single comment thread (see the comments in this article to see what I'm talking about).

I really encourage all of you to try to be more involved at least in the author-hosted articles of TAY proper and TAY Classic. All of us who are here are here because we love the TAY community, and we'd hate to see it go away because of the site redesign.


Anyway, that's my two-cents. I hope to see you all in the comments!

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