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It's a sad day today, here at the Open Forum. It's the end of an era. Who would've ever thought that Lucasarts would one day close its doors for good. There were whispers and rumors floating around, especially since Disney bought up everything Lucas, but never did we imagine that it would ACTUALLY happen.

Let's be honest though. Lucasarts has been kind of in the shitter ever since Battlefront 2. They released some good games here and there, but they were fewer and farther in-between. Poor management and an inability to respond to customer demands in a changing marketplace, Lucasarts had certainly fallen far from grace.


That doesn't mean we shouldn't remember the good times though. My fondest memories of Lucasarts would probably have to be Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith. I played those games online with my friends for years when I was younger. Heck, I'm currently in the middle of a playthrough of MotS now.

Anyway, welcome to the TAY: Open Forum where you can talk about life, love, video games, and Lucasarts. Enjoy!

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