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Today's a rainy Thursday. Well, sort of. . . It's cloudy, but it looks like it's about to rain any minute now. And well, living in Arizona, it's not every day that we have cay-long cloud cover, much less rain. So I figured "Why not?". So, I decided to hop in my car, and go to the nearest Sarku Japan.

That's totally me, guys. I swear, it's not just some random dude, in a random picture I took from Google Images, alright?


So, I ordered myself a double serving of beef teriyaki, with steamed rice, and some soba noodles. . . . oh, and two of those maki roll things, because they're good. I arrived home, pulled out my largest bowl, and dumped the grotesque mass of carbohydrates, got myself some lemonade, and sat down and stared at it intently for a few seconds. . . . . . "Damn, that's quite a large amount of food I have here" I thought. . . . because I like to think out full phrases and all that, like a normal person . . . . you guys do that too, r-right? -Anyways, what is it that I'm getting at, you ask? Well, nothing major, just THE MEGA BEEF BOWL CHALLENGE!!!

*Not pictured to scale

I sat there, pondering about capabilities, and if my body was ready to consume so much meat and grease. I questioned my limits, and ventured into the meat dimension. And, after about 30 minutes of eating . . . . . . . I saw the bottom of the plate. I swear, it was at least 2.5 lbs (Google says 1.13 Kg) of food, not including the maki rolls and the water, plus my two scoops of ice cream for desert. . . But anyways, the point of all this is, yes, I'm a geek. Geeky enough to do all of this just because of Persona 4, which has dominated my current gaming sessions. It's not the first time I totally disregard my usual habits and lifestyle, just to accommodate something game/anime related, either. When I first played Assassin's Creed, some friends and I were stupid enough to actually try and get into Parkour.

Yea, I'm not sure if I should be embarrassed about that or not . . . . . oh, c'mon, you guys tried it too! . . . . .r-right??


And, when I played Skyrim, I almost bought myself a $200 sword, and even some steel wires to make myself some chain mail (haha. . . . . Yea, that didn't last long). After playing MGS3 for the first time, I took an introductory class to Russian (Also, didn't last long ^^;) and started working out like crazy. So, the point of discussion is, what about you guys? Ever started doing something, just because you thought it was cool? Pokemon made really get into hiking, and I think it's the only consistent activity I kept that was influenced by something I watched/played. . . . .oh, and modelling, stupid Keroro and his Gunpla . . . . .

But really, who doesn't like giant robots?? They're just . . . . awesome. . . even in pink.


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