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Welcome to TAY: Open Forum, where I apparently lack the ability to type complete sentences without making any typos.

Today's arbitrary topic: Mega Man Legends. That's right, I'm trying to make all of you depressed. Muahahaha and all that.

So, I was first introduced to Mega Man Legends by way of Mega Man 64. God damn that game was good! I especially liked skating around on my "rollerblades" while wielding the Z Saber. Sure, it was clunky, but I'll be damned if it didn't make me feel like a badass. The story was pretty good too. Something about the destruction of humanity and how Mega Man was the harbinger of the reavers or something like that. I don't completely remember. It was a long time ago.

I never finished the second one, unfortunately. I tried to get everything, and to do that I had to make myself "evil". The problem was that, in order to make yourself "good" again, you had to spend a ridiculous amount of money. So, I spent my time grinding money and trying to make myself good. I paid for my piety in small increments to reach the magical 3,000,000 zenny mark. When I finally got there, I learned I had actually made no progress whatsoever. Turns out you had to pay for it in 1,000,000 zenny increments. Needless to say, I turned it off and never turned it back on again...


Also, while the MML games were good, they were also incredibly clunky. even just turning left and right could be a huge pain. The camera could also be kind of jarring as well. However, if you could get past all of that, it was a really solid series otherwise. It was a 3rd person shooter with adventure, RPG, and dungeon crawling elements.

Come to think of it, I should really just watch an LP of MML2's ending...maybe one day. Maybe one day...


What games have you loved, but never finished? How do feel about MML3? Do you completely want to ignore my post and write about whatever? Do so below!

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