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Welcome to TAY: Open Forum where you can talk about stuff and stuff. Also, TheUnfathomableTruth, if you ever post on one of my TAY days again without my prior authorization, you're going to wind up like Meowth up there. I'll double-slap the shit out of you. Starting tomorrow, TAY: Open Forum will be posted at its standard 10:00 A.M. EDT time slot.

So, what has everyone been up to? I hope everyone's Monday was up to snuff. I hear some people have finals, 'eh? I'll tell ya, enjoy college while you can. Or not. Whatever. It's not my problem.


What have I been up to? How kind of you to ask. The wife and I did a marathon of Young Justice last night (yeah, we're really far behind). We only have two episodes left and I'm so annoyed that it's been cancelled. I don't know how they can wrap anything up in the two episodes they have remaining. Here's hoping the Team Titans show they're making more than makes up for it. Still annoyed that Disney cancelled Clone Wars too.

This leads me into our unofficial topic today (I bet you thought I didn't have one. Hah!). What are you currently watching on TV? What are your favorite shows? I'd add MLP and Adventure Time to that list above for me as far as current American cartoons go.

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P.S. Epic GIF is epic.

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