Screw the banter. I'm just going to cut to the chase. The klobb is the best weapon in Goldeneye for the N64.

Ok, that's a lie, but if you could use the gun to deadly effect in multiplayer, you were a damn god at this game. Seriously, if I got my hands on the klobb in that game, you'd best watch your ass because I'm a comin' for ya, and there was a REALLY good chance that I would kill you with them.

Actually, it helped that my friends and I played consistently on -10 health when we played Goldeneye. It was really the best way to play because weak guns (PP7, Klobb, etc.) would take about two shots to kill you, where every other gun would kill you in about 1 hit. In my opinion, it was the most realistic setting to use. If you played on anything more than -1, though, it took FOREVER to kill someone. Everyone was just a bullet sponge. If you had health +10 and body armor, you pretty much guaranteed that the match was going to last at LEAST an hour if you had a kill limit.

That being said, Goldeneye had to be one of my favorite games back in the N64 days. So many hours were dumped into multiplayer for this game. I think it's the level design that made it so great. Also, the controls were pretty tight for a first attempt at an FPS on the N64. I actually went back to play the game a month or so ago. I'm still pretty good at the game, but damn is it hard to see anything. Seriously, the graphics are incredibly muddy and bleed together like crazy. I don't know how I could head shot people with a PP7 from 100 in-game yards.


Geez. I could probably write a whole article about Goldeneye. Unfortunately, I don't have time for such frivolities. So, I'm asking you my fellow Kotakuites, what are some of your favorite multiplayer games? Or, if you prefer, what were your favorite multiplayer settings in Goldeneye? Have any awesome tales of indomitable victories or hilariously tragic defeats? I want to hear them! Have at you!

Misson Objective: Escort Natalya to TAYCLASSIC.

Hmm...this might be more difficult than it sounds...almost there...GOD DAMN IT NATALYA!