Whew! I did it. I thought I was going to miss my self-imposed deadline for a minute there. Good thing you guys didn't notice...but...I just told you, didn't I...

Halfway through the week! Woo hoo! Some of you might be done with school. Some of you might be almost there. The rest of us are stuck here at work, jealous of all of you. You guys suck. We hate you.

Seriously. Go away.


Did you think I was kidding?


Ok, I was. Kind of.

I was looking for images for today's thread and I came across this Wreck-it-Ralph one, and I have to say, it was a GREAT movie. If you haven't seen it yet, you totally should. It's a movie about video games, without being tied to a specific license. They treat the medium with the respect it deserves, and they don't rely heavily on cameos. In fact, the cameos stop about halfway through the film. It's just a feel good movie overall. I really need to buy it...it made me almost cry. Seriously, at the end when things are blowing up, I was near tears.


This brings me to today's topic. Video game villains! (Bet you thought I was going to say video game movies, didn't you!?).

Who are your favorites? Your least favorites? Who do you love to hate? Who do you just flat-out love?

I'm going to give a couple of great villain examples.

Gruntilda: Seriously. This is a villain you love to hate. She's there the ENTIRE GAME, so you really get to know her personality. You love her little quips and insults, but it also makes the final boss fight that much more satisfying.


Zanza from Xenoblade: I'm not going to spoil anything. Those were just some really weird twists at the end. I liked them.

Sin from FFX: I'm not a huge fan of FFX. It was an ok game at best, but they REALLY got the villain right. Sin is pretty much omnipresent. Also, he's the embodiment of your dad. Also, he's pretty much the size of a large island and completely impossible to reason with. Doesn't get much more intimidating than that.

Now, let me hear your examples. Or talk about random stuff. I'm not going to judge. (Yes I am).


Head on over to TAYCLASSIC to continue the conversation and tell us all about your evil plans! I promise I totally won't steal them and use them myself to take over the world after unleash my robot masters on you. You don't have metal blade, right?

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Now I'VE got your power! -gets punched in the face-