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Happy Monday everybody! Did you wish your mothers a happy Mother's Day yesterday? No? I'm sure you had your reasons and it's not just because you're some sort of heartless bastard.

It's another Monday. I know it's a cliche, but I hate Mondays. I had a good weekend though. Also, it's a short work week for me, so don't expect to see me posting the Open Forum on Thursday. That'll be up to TUFT. He definitely won't let me down. It's not like he's ever been a disappointment to me before. Nope. Never ever.


Today's unofficial topic for conversation are boss battles! What are your (least) favorites? I want to know!

I think my favorite battle is the Computer Virus from Kirby Superstar. It took a turn-based battle into real time in a Kirby game. It was pure genius! I laughed so hard the first time I fought it. However, not only is it funny, but it actually takes a bit of strategy to defeat (unless you have mirror; everything is easier with mirror). I think my favorite part though were the random stat increases you got at the end of the battle.

From the Kirby Wiki:

After defeating Computer Virus in The Great Cave Offensive, Milky Way Wishes (and Meta Knightmare Ultra in the remake), one window will begin giving the player "experience points" for humorous things (such as Puffiness or Mask Shine for example, depending on whether the player is assuming the role of Kirby or Meta Knight respectively). The points given have no effect on Kirby or Meta Knight, however. Friendship/Teamwork will also be increased if there's a Helper with Kirby or Meta Knight, respectively.

Another favorite is the Dragon from Wiley Stage 1 in MM2. This thing terrified me as a kid. One wrong step and you fell into the abyss and had to do the fight all over again. It's easy now, but when you're 6 or 7 years old, it can be a very harrowing experience.

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So, talk to me. Please? I'm really lonely. ( ._.)

Earn some Teamwork and attack points by continuing the conversation over at TAYCLASSIC. Just be sure to watch your step so you don't fall to your doom, otherwise you'll have to start back up again at the checkpoint.

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