I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I've got a sinking feeling that it's time for another TAY: Open Forum! Seriously, it's kind of wet in here. Can someone get me a towel?


Today's unofficial topic is full of spoilers! As a rule of thumb, if you're posting spoilers today for a game that is less than 5 years old, please either create a spoilers notification post and reply below it (preferred), or make spoilers notification.

Like this:


******END SPOILERS******

Seriously, don't be a jerk. We're all friends here, and if you aren't, then at least pretend to tolerate one another.

Since I'm going to be gone for the next few days, today's unofficial topic is going to be about notable video game character deaths (or near deaths) or departures that you found poignant, touching, memorable, or hilarious (I'm looking at you Zarnyx).

As for me, I don't remember if I knew about Aeris' death ahead of time. I can't remember, but either way, I did find the scene rather touching. It definitely inspired me to REALLY hate Sephiroth (Aeris was my girl at the time. I'm more of a Tifa man now, though after having played through the game a few more times and Crisis Core).


Oh! Crisis Core and FFVII! Zack's death was pretty poignant too. In FFVII, his death felt so meaningful. Cloud wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for him. That was a really touching series of cutscenes when you find out about Zack in FFVII. Crisis Core was great because it really fleshed out Zack's story and made you like him even more. The problem with it though, was that by the time you got to the end of the game, you could have EASILY wiped out that entire Shin'ra army, yet you're forced to die. So frustrating...I wonder how FFVII would have played out if Zack had lived...

Chrono Trigger was another great character death. How many games can you list where the main character has the opportunity to perma-die, yet you can continue to play AND BEAT the game without him? That was a huge twist unlike anything I'd ever seen in a game before. I was so determined to get myself back too. I've since gotten all the endings in the game, but that scene really holds a special place in my heart.


No one ever mentions this, so I'm going to mention Dekkar's sacrifice in Lufia II. Seriously! WTF?!?! He's the most powerful character in the game, and he let a measly little dungeon crush him to death? I was so sad when he died. He was easily one of the most likeable characters in that game, which is saying something because they were all pretty awesome.

So, fellow Kotakuites, talk with me below and use spoiler tags where necessary! Geronimo!


For Zarnyx. Laugh away you cold-hearted person you...

Continue the discussion over at TAYCLASSIC where the conversation keeps on going 24/7. If someone would be so kind as to get me a Phoenix Down, I'd be more than happy to join you...


***Also, just a reminder to TUT: since I'm gone starting tomorrow, please create the Open Forum for Thursday, Friday, and the Weekend. I should be back on Monday, but if you don't see anything up by 12:00 EDT, then please post one then as well.***

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