I'm really feeling it!

Well...this has been an interesting development. When I get home, there are a few people on my...unfavorable list...we'll have to see what sort of punishment I devise for them.

For public Shaming:
UI 2.0
Zarnyx (you disappoint me. Here I was thinking you'd side with me...)
Habboi (for your disturbing indecisiveness. I thought what we had yesterday was special...)
Ulgar the Frostclad


Remember. I'm always watching...always...

Now back to your regularly scheduled TUT programming...


Actually, Dyram sorta left for the weekend, and I volunteered to help out because I'm so nice and kind ^^ So y'all will be stuck with me as the host for the Open Forum for the remainder of the week. Much to your chagrin, I bet :P

But anyways, what's today's topic, you ask? Well, let's talk about "best friends and sidekicks in stuff", since we already covered rivals in the past ^^ Now, I don't know about you guys, but when I think of a great friend in gaming, I think of Yosuke


I mean, he's like, perfect best mate material, right? I wish I had a friend like him . . . . . . Forever alone T_T

If you're feeling forever alone too, go to TAY Classic. It's a nice corner to cry in, and they also offer some whiskey to drown it all out. . . . .

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