I'm really feeling it!

Eh, I decided I'll take over the Monday Open Forum for this week as well, so sorry Dyram :P [Comment by Dyram: What? Before I left last week, I asked if you would do Monday, and you agreed. Why is this coming across as a surprise? Anyway, I'll be back doing the Open Forum tomorrow. Carry on!] Why, you ask? Well, part of it was just to mess with the Emerald Blade here, but also because I felt I should make up for the days I won't be able to host my Open Forums since I'll be attending the con ^^ It's next Thursday-Sunday, and I'm fairly excited :D I'm debating on whether or not to provide exclusive coverage for TAY, or not, and just have fun by myself :P

So, the topic for today is, what do you guys look forward to at cons? I honestly like the panels there. They're usually fun, assuming some asshat doesn't kill the joy. Then, I guess I would say the vendor halls, since I like to spend money avidly ^^ That's why I can't be Buddhist. I mean, recently I've become quite tolerable and patient (thanks to you guys :P), but ultimately I can't exist without worldly desires . . . that, and I believe in violence, so the pacifism thing kinda flies out the window, hehe.


Anyways, just a reminder, I devised a new messaging system for TAY, and if you're a regular, or plan on becoming one, I suggest you give that a read. Also, remember that the first Anime Club discussion will be posted on Wednesday, so make sure you watch the first two episodes. Furthermore, if you have something else to say, you can always give TAY Classic a try :P

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