Hello everyone, and welcome to today's Open Forum. You know, something that I love about myself, is how I always get everything done last minute ^^ After some late night TAYing, and getting some other stuff done, I finally decided to call it a day. So, I was almost asleep, when suddenly I remembered "Hmm, tomorrow's Friday . . . OH SHIT! I HAVEN'T TYPED UP THE OPEN FORUM!" ^^

You know who also gets stuff done last minute? Link! Well, at least he did in my game :D I swear, I lost so much time in the Fishing Hole, it's not even funny. It's one of the reasons I loved Twilight Princess so much ^^ I just wish there were bodies of water nearby where I could fish in real life :I But, eh, the minigame is fun and does a good job at satisfying that need ^^ So what about you guys? What are your favorite minigames in stuff?

Also! Remember TAY is having it's own 'shopping thing going on :D Ask Dyram for more details. And, if you've got more to say, go on to TAYCLASSIC! I'm sure the stench of blood isn't present there . . . What? Can't a man gut fish without getting weird looks? >.>

And I'd really appreciate it if another admin bolded the above segment and provided links to the respective sites, and tag it with the tayclassic tag ^^; I sorta typed this on the mobile version, and have no idea how to do so. And I can't guarantee I'll be up early enough to do it myself, hehe ^^; Feel free to edit out this part if you fix it up. Thanks!


Ask and ye shall receive. Also, I like your little rant at the end, so I'm keeping it. Gives the post more character. -Dyram 5/31/2013

Also, don't forget to check out the Kickstarter for A Hat in Time, in which our fellow commenter, Habboi, is an integral team member! If you can, please contribute! It looks absolutely amazing!