I'm really feeling it!

Alright everyone, busy day today so not much time for my usual long blurb.

It's nice to be halfway through the week, though. I have to say. I'm definitely ready for the weekend.


You know, it would probably be a good idea if I actually addressed the subject matter of the above image, which is the Adventure genre. Today's unofficial topic: what is your favorite adventure game (Zelda doesn't count. I'm talking old-school Lucasarts or Sierra type stuff)?

Mine had to be The Legend of Robin Hood: Conquest of the Longbow by Sierra. Shoot, that's a long name...

Look at those awesome graphics.

Anyway, it was a really good game. You'd go all around Sherwood and interact with all the major characters of the Robin Hood stories. You'd infiltrate a castle, escape a dungeon, talk to willow-the-wisps, actual willows, and partake in the archer contest. Unfortunately, I never beat the damn game. I always got caught on the day Maid Marian was being burned at the stake. I had a puzzle box I had to open to get out a magic ring of fire resist, but I could never figure out how to open it.


Oh well, that's life for you. Go on a crusade, come home to find everything you know has been turned topsy-turvy by a greedy government official, rebel against said government, meet a girl, fall in love, girl burns at a stake because you can't open a stupid puzzle box. Amirite?

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